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Tusia Dabrowska: Zones of Exclusion | Lecture


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Belarusian-Polish border Belarusian-Polish relations Border regions Memory studies


Zones of Exclusion

Tusia Dabrowska (Media Artist, New York University and The City University of New York)

Grounded in scene selections from my experimental documentary in progress, this lecture/discussion reflects on the forested landscape as a site of polyphonic collaborations, a site that resists the colonial inclinations of a state, a site that is always in motion. I look at the experience of Jewish refugees who hid in the forests of Eastern Europe (with a focus on the lands that once formed the Pale of Settlement) and the current refugee crisis on the Polish Belarusian border. In this project, I use historical and ethnographic research, folk tales, family stories and an environmental approach while seeking modes of navigation through forests and histories to face myself.

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