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Social Change in Ukraine - Obstacles and Opportunities | Conference

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At this scientific conference, the structure of Ukraine’s society, economy and polity will be analyzed. The focus lies on potential hurdles to overcome in order for the country to integrate in a sustainable way into the community of European states.

Ukraine sees itself on the threshold of change from a post-Soviet to a European model. However, many hurdles are still to be overcome on this path. There is often a gap between political declarations of intent and their realization – not only in Ukraine. The depiction of a linear development is too simplistic to take complex social processes into account. The instrumental logic of economic reform and development policy may conflict with informal institutions, unwritten rules, or corrupt practices. Such mechanisms can hijack good intentions and steer processes in a different direction.

With the military aggression against Ukraine, global media attention, and widespread support in Western countries, a new situation exists.

At the conference, international experts will examine social phenomena in Ukraine. Where are the levers for change? Which hurdles exist? And how can they be overcome? The conference aims to contribute to a better understanding of the country in order to correctly assess opportunities and risks for integration efforts, reconstruction aid or investments.

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