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Encounters with Polish Literature S3E6: Henryk Sienkiewicz with Stanley Bill | Discussion

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Polish Cultural Institute New York


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How do we discuss a classic Polish novel about a 17th-century war between Poland and the Cossacks and peasants of what we today think of as Ukraine, when Ukraine is at war with Russia, and Polish-Ukrainian solidarity is at a peak?When we talk about Polish colonialism in the Ukrainian lands, is that the same thing as English or French or Belgian colonialism? Khmelnytsky as Sienkiewicz represents him: hero or villain? What does the Khmelnytsky Uprising mean in the 17th century when it happened, the late 19th century when Sienkiewicz wrote the novel, and for us as readers in the 21st century?Join me and my guest, Stanley Simon Bill (Cambridge U.) for a discussion of Henryk Sienkiewicz's novel, "With Fire and Sword," on the most recent episode of "Encounters with Polish Literature" sponsored by the Polish Cultural Institute New York. 

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