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Encounters with Polish Literature 16: Żanna Słoniowska (The House with the Stained-Glass Window, Dom z witrażem) | Discussion

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Ukrainian-born Polish author, Żanna Słoniowska, author of The House with the Stained-Glass Window, translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones (MacLehose, 2017), is our guest on the latest episode of "Encounters with Polish Literature," as we pursue our series of special episodes on Polish-Ukrainian literary dialogue. Żanna Słoniowska is also our first living author to talk about her own work on the program.

The House with the Stained-Glass Window is the story of four generations of women with artistic talents and aspirations in a house in Lviv against the backdrop of the political upheavals of the past century.

Słoniowska's essay, "I Left Ukraine 20 Years Ago. But It Never Left Me" appears in The New York Times, March 8, 2022.

In addition to discussing her recently translated novel, we talk about Słoniowska’s path from writing journalism for television in Ukraine to fiction in Polish. She discusses what it means to be a “Ukrainian-born Polish author” and offers her thoughts about multilingualism as an essential characteristic of Ukrainian culture. She also discusses her experience growing up in Ukraine and then moving to Poland, where she has lived now for more than twenty years.

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