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Encounters with Polish Literature 15: Yuri Andrukhovych with Vitaly Chernetsky (University of Kansas) | Discussion


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Excuse us while we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming on "Encounters with Polish Literature" to learn more about Ukrainian literature and culture and literary relations between Poland and Ukraine. We'll still cover all the topics that were on the schedule before Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, but we'll be adjusting the calendar to add four special episodes on Ukrainian topics.

My first guest on "Encounters with Polish and Ukrainian Literature" is Vitaly Chernetsky (University of Kansas), and we'll be talking about the work of contemporary poet, novelist, translator, essayist, and performer, Yuri Andrukhovych. Among other topics we discuss the inspiration of Bruno Schulz and Witold Gombrowicz and his ongoing dialogue with Andrzej Stasiuk, and we've got a clip from his performance with Karbido from the Bruno Schulz Festival 2012 in Drohobych. We also touch on Andrukhovych's poem, "Set Change," translated by Ostap Kin and John Hennessy, which recently appeared in the New York Review of Books

For an introduction to the episode with a brief bibliography of works discussed go to:

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