Pol-Int Terms of use

1. Scope

(1) Use of the registered area of the website www.pol-int.org (hereinafter called the “Website") is subject, between the user and the operator of the website (hereinafter called the “Provider"),to the following Terms of use.

(2) The Provider of the Website www.pol-int.org is the Europe University Viadrina, represented by the President as indicated in the legal notice.

(3) The Website is aimed at individuals who are scientifically concerned with Poland or interested in Polish studies.

2. Registration and technical requirements

(1) To use the community functions on the Website, users must first register with the Website. The other areas of the Website can be used without registration.

(2) To use those functions of the Website that require prior registration, users must first accept the Terms of use, Rights of Use as well as the Privacy Policy.

(3) There is no right to membership.

(4) When registering, users shall give their real name (first and last names in full). The user's true name shall be identifiable for the Provider. The user's real name will be visible only to registered users and not to non-registered users. We additionally draw attention to section 2 b of the Privacy Policy notice of 28.05.2018.

(5) To specially protect the user, Pol-Int uses a double opt-in process for registration on the platform: having entered their registration data and chosen a secure password made up of letters and numbers, the user is sent an email by the Provider to the email address given by the user. To successfully register their account, the user must click on the link contained in the email. Users who do not receive an email should check their spam folder.

(6) Having successfully registered, users can visit the “Persons" area of the Website, update their personal profile page, contact other registered users, upload content and comment on existing content (hereinafter called “community functions").

(7) Users shall not make their personal account available to third parties. Users shall keep their login data secret and safe from access by third parties. Users are advised not to save passwords in their browser. The Provider will assume no liability for any damage which may occur owing to the neglect of due diligence by the User.

(8) Users themselves bear full responsibility for the hardware, software and communication channels they use.

(9) Owing to how the internet is structured, the Provider has no control over how data is transferred over the internet and accepts no responsibility for the availability, reliability or quality of third-party telecommunication networks, data networks and technical systems beyond its own communication network. The Provider cannot be held responsible for malfunctions due to force majeure.

(10) The Provider shall not be liable for the security or availability of data communications routed through third-party communication networks, such as internet service providers, etc., or for data transfer malfunctions caused by technical errors or configuration problems on the part of the user.

(11) The Provider shall not be liable for loss of data, especially in cases where such loss is attributable to the user's failure to back up his/her data in order thus to ensure that any lost data, such as during data entry or after termination of membership, can be restored with reasonable effort.

3. Performances of the Provider

(1) The Provider shall permit the user, once registered and subject to the present Terms of use, to use the following community functions of the Website:

- Presentation of the user's person and/or organization

- Posting of job advertisements, funding opportunities and courses of study from the area of Polish studies

- Announcement of conventions, conferences and other public events from the area of Polish studies

- Reading and publication of research projects

- Presentation of book publications with a Polish connection

- Contacting of other registered users by email (email address not visible to other users)

- Publication of users' contributions on the Website.

(2) In addition, editors who have been selected and approved by the Provider shall be allowed to publish scientific book reviews and conference reports on the Website subject to separate Rights of use. Such authors are obliged to observe them; otherwise such contributions will not be published.

(3) The Provider will endeavour to keep this Website constantly available. However, the user shall have no right to constant availability of the service. The service may be temporarily unavailable because of maintenance work. The Provider cannot be liable for any possible disruption.

(4) The Pol-Int editors makes articles available on the platform in all conscience. It cannot however assume legal guarantees for accuracy, completeness, quality and whether the information is up-to-date. Contributions reflect the views and opinions of their authors and do not reflect the opinions of Europa University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) or the Pol-Int editors.

4. Exclusion of liability of the Provider

(1) Unless otherwise provided for in the following as well as in the Privacy Policy regulations and Rights of use, claims for damages by the user against the Provider shall be excluded.

(2) Europa University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) assumes no legal responsibility for the provided information as well as hyperlinks, as these in particular lie outside of the area of responsibility, as they did not know about any possible infringement or illegal content or it was technical impossible and it would have been unreasonable to prevent the use of the site in cases of such content. If the Europa University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) or Pol-Int directly had been informed about infringements, the appropriate content will be removed following examination. Should you have any suspicion about any possible infringements, please contact redakcja@pol-int.org.

(3) Europa University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) as well as Pol-Int are not responsible for the legality of provided information as well as hyperlinks.

(4) The exclusion of liability set out in subsections (1) to (3) shall not apply to claims for damages in case of:
- wilful intent or gross negligence
- injury to life, limb or health
- a guarantee undertaken by the Provider
- wilful or grossly negligent breach of material contractual obligations insofar as these are relevant under the German Product Liability Act. A material contractual obligation is an obligation whose fulfilment is necessary for achieving the purpose of the contract.

(5) In the case of a slightly negligent breach of an obligation that is material to achieving the purpose of the contract (cardinal obligation), the Provider's liability shall be limited to that damage which is foreseeable and typical for the specific use of the Website.

(6) The Provider shall guarantee the functionality and freedom from viruses of content of the Website only to the extent to which this can be expected according to the current state of the art and with consideration of the principle of proportionality.

(7) The Provider shall not be liable for the availability, suitability or freedom from defect of the public data communication lines used by the user or for the user's own data communication equipment; see Section 2.

5. Obligations of the user

(1) The user undertakes vis-a-vis the Provider not to publish any contributions that transgress standards of public decency or that breach an existing law. More especially, the user undertakes not to publish any contributions

- whose publication constitutes a criminal or administrative offence

- that are in breach of copyright, trademark or competition law or that infringe other intangible property or trademark rights

- that contain offensive, racist, discriminatory or pornographic content

- that contain advertising.

(2) Upon uploading a contribution, the user gives assurance that he or she is authorised to use, edit and copy such content and to publicly reproduce and make the same available on the internet and is in possession of all the necessary rights.

(3) For example, before publishing a photograph, the user shall seek the written permission of the photographer as author of the photograph, even if the photograph shows the user him/herself. Before publishing photographs showing other people, such as at a conference, the user shall seek the permission of the relevant individuals or render their faces unrecognizable. Where protected by copyright, third-party texts may be published only with the author's consent. Where a logo is uploaded to the platform, it shall not infringe any copyright or trademark rights and may be used only with the permission of the relevant organization. Map data is copyright-protected and may be published only with the author's consent. Likewise, book covers are copyright-protected. In this case, the publisher's consent shall be obtained prior to publication. Without the author's consent, it is forbidden to copy and upload third-party content unless allowed by the law. Thus, it is also forbidden to reproduce content from this Website without the prior consent of the author or right-holder.

(4) The user undertakes, upon uploading content of any kind, to identify the author of the content or publisher and/or responsible editor directly on the content.

(5) If the obligation set out in subsection (1) and (3) is breached, the Provider shall be authorised to block or delete such content of the user and/or to block the user's account.

(6) To avert the blocking of his/her account in case of a breach of the present terms of use, the user can, at his/her own expense, submit suitable proof that he/she has not breached the present Terms of use.

(7) In case of a breach, the user shall be obliged to fully compensate the Provider for the damage caused by such breach, provided that the user is responsible for such breach.

(8) The user shall hold the Provider harmless from and against third-party claims where third parties assert claims against the Provider on the grounds of infringement of a right. The user undertakes to assist the Provider in defending against such claims. The user shall be obliged to pay the costs of the Provider's reasonable legal defence.

(9) The user undertakes to preserve the searchability and transparency of the menu items and to link his/her uploaded content exclusively to the appropriate categories (discipline, research interest, language) and to store such content exclusively under the appropriate menu items. If the user fails to do so, the Provider reserves the right to remove such content and, in extreme cases, to bar the user.

(10) The user is responsible for ensuring that his/her contributions are truthful and correct and have been produced in accordance with scientific principles and in a scientific format.

(11) Any content posted using the comment function shall be relevant to third parties and shall not contain any private communication. To communicate purely privately with the author of a contribution, the user shall use the "Contact" function on the author's profile page.

(12) In addition, the Rights of use are valid.

6. Rights of use with regard to uploaded contributions

(1) Upon uploading a contribution, the user shall identify the author of the content directly on the contribution.

(2) Upon uploading a contribution to the Website, the user shall grant the Provider the right to make such contribution permanently publicly available on the Provider's Website.

(3) The Provider shall be authorised to move the user's contributions within the Website and/or to link them to other content on the Website. The Provider will inform the user accordingly.

(4) In addition, the Rights of use are valid.

7. Period of membership

(1) Users can terminate their membership without notice at any time by deleting their user account. This also deletes any comments they have posted. Other contributions, such as scientific book reviews, conference announcements, job/funding opportunities and conference reports, will be preserved in the interests of the freedom of information of other users.

(2) The Provider shall be authorised to terminate the user's membership in writing, e.g. by email, subject to a period of notice of two weeks.

(3) Where there is good cause, such as in the case of a gross breach of the present terms of use as well as rights of use, the Provider shall be authorised to immediately block the user's account and to terminate the user's membership without notice. In particular, the Provider retains legal measures, especially claims for damages, should any breach of the terms of use as well as the rights of use occur.

(4) Upon termination of membership, the Provider shall be authorised to block the user's access to those areas of the Website that are available only to registered users. In the case of termination of membership, the Provider shall be authorised, but not obliged, to delete the user's content. The user shall have no right to the surrender of such content. If it is important to the user, after termination of membership, to have continued access to the content he/she has uploaded to the Website, then the users shall themselves save a copy of such data before their account is deleted; reference is made in this respect to Section 2 subsection (11) of the present Terms of use.

8. Cancellation or modification of the Website

(1) The Provider shall be authorised at any time to make changes to its Website as well as the rights of use, including the data protection regulations. The publication of the changing of conditions and/or provisions will be also applicable for Users who were already registered, provided that the User does not object via electronic communication to the corresponding information about the wording of the change in conditions and/or provisions within 10 days of the receipt of the notification of change.
In this period, the Provider, while informing of the wording of the changed conditions and/or provisions also informs of the related legal consequences, that in the case of

- a lack of statement in the form of an objection within 10 days of receiving notice of the changed conditions and/or regulations, it is to be understood that the User is in agreement with the acceptance of the legal validity of these changed conditions and/or regulations.
- an objection within the time limit, the services and offers of the Provider cannot be used, upon reception of the objection by the Provider. The Provider is hereby in accordance with § 7 para. 2 entitled to an ordinary termination upon reception of the objection and in accordance with § 7 para. 4 entitled to block access to the areas which are only accessible with registration. The User's right in accordance with § 7 para. 1 remains unaffected.

(2) The Provider shall be authorised to terminate its service with the Website subject to a period of notice of two weeks. In the event of termination of the Website, the Provider shall be authorised, but not obliged, to delete all user content. Any notification of cancellation of the Website will once again draw the users' attention thereto in order to give them an opportunity to make copies of any data or contributions.

9. Choice of law

(1) The contractual relations between the Provider and the user shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

(2) This choice of law shall not apply to mandatory consumer protection regulations of the country in which the user is ordinarily resident.

(3) The courts of Frankfurt/Oder shall have sole jurisdiction and venue unless otherwise directed by a mandatory standard.

Date of the terms of use