Sponsors and partners

Sponsors and partners are an invaluable support for our platform. They help finance this Polish Studies digital project. They support it by providing subject editors and by supplying us with important information. Even more, due to their public relation activities they act as indispensable ambassadors for Pol-Int within the scientific community of Polish Studies. Thanks to their transnational networks and financial support, they contribute to the internationalization of Polish Studies as well as Polish Science and Humanities in general. If you are interested in cooperating with us or would like to become a sponsor or partner yourself, please contact us any time under redakcja@pol-int.org.

We would like to thank all our mentioned sponsors and partners for their cooperation and support!

Our sponsors

Polish-German Science Foundation (Polsko-Niemiecka Fundacja na rzecz Nauki – PNFN)

The Foundation was established in order to support science and international understanding by strengthening collaboration of students, scholars and researchers from Poland and Germany. The Foundation supports innovative projects in both countries and develops new models of cooperation.

Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation

The Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation supports the relationship between Germany and Poland. The Foundation provides funds for Polish-German initiatives, especially for educational projects that help expand knowledge about Germany and Poland and spread the German or Polish language. What is more, they promote cooperation in science and humanities as well as arts and literature.

Sanddorf Foundation

The Sanddorf Foundation is a charitable organization supporting such areas as health, understanding among nations and welfare of the society. One of its most important tasks is fostering good German-Polish relations.

Our partners