Prof. Zbigniew Czachór

Prof. Zbigniew Czachór

Prof. Zbigniew Czachór

«The platform is an important project for the establishment of European Research and Zone of Higher Education Area. It will help to disseminate knowledge and research results, and to foster international scholarly activities of Polish studies. It is a wonderful idea to further develop scholarly communication and the interdisciplinary research.»

Prof. Dr. Zbigniew Czachór has been associate professor of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań since 2008. In addition, he was a lecturer at the Diplomatic Academy, the National School of Public Administration in Warsaw, the country's education center of the European Social Fund, the Collegium Polonicum and the Viadrina University and the Academy “Artes Liberale.” Since 2008 he has been the director of the Institute for the Study of European Integration and since 1993 Chairman of the European Research and Education Center of AMU.

For many years he has been involved in matters of European integration - since 2008 he is a permanent consultant of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Polish Parliament and since 2011 independent consultant of the Commission on European Union Affairs of the Registry of the Polish Sejm. In 2010 he became a founding member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Since 2002 he was an advisor to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Secretary of the Committee for European Integration, and Chief of the Office of the Committee for European Integration. In the years 1993-1998 he was an advisor to the Office of the Committee for European


Political Science, Law

Research interests

- International Relations
- International Economic Relations
- Primary and Secondary Law of the European Union/European Community
- Economic Law of the EU
- Administration of EU-Grants
- Human rights
- Germany and German-Polish Relations
- Execution of law, European and international execution of law
- Enforcement of international/ European claims in and out of court
- international forecasting/ simulation


Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
Institute for the Research of European Integration (AMU)
Center for European Research and Education (AMU)