Prof. Padraic Kenney

Prof. Padraic Kenney

Prof. Padraic Kenney

«To engage with the history of Poland offers a way to discuss historical processes at the European and even the global level. I think that anyone who investigates Poland can more precisely research issues such as revolution, nationalism, democratization, modernization, and many others fields. The field of Polish studies has once again been opened to international contacts in the past quarter century. Pol-Int can become the platform for this broad and open discussion.»

Studied and graduated from Harvard (1985), Toronto (1986) and Michigan (1992). From 1992-2007 he was professor at the University of Colorado (Boulder) and from 2005-2010 president of the Polish Studies Association. He is the current director of the Institute for Russian and East European Studies and the Center for Polish Studies at Indiana University. He is the author and editor of many books.


History of Poland and Central Europe (after 1945)

Research interests

Social movements and democratic revolutions; social history of the communist era; political networks (in global perspective)


Indiana University