Prof. Goro Christoph Kimura

Prof. Goro Christoph Kimura

Prof. Goro Christoph Kimura

«A dream is coming true - an international platform for Polish studies, and it is interdisciplinary and multi-lingual! Through this platform researchers and research projects can be better networked and research results better exchanged. I was instantly attracted to this idea and would like to make my contribution to make the platform known also outside Europe and make it a lively community.»

Goro Christoph Kimura graduated in 2002 from Hitotsubash University in Tokyo. The theme of his dissertation was: “Perspectives of Human Intervention for the Preservation and Revitalization of Minority Languages.” 

Since 2004 he has been employed at Sophia University in Tokyo. In 2007 he obtained the title of associate professor and became a full professor in 2012. In the years 2012-2013 he was a guest at the European University Viadrina and realized a research project on interlingual strategies in the German-Polish border area. Since 2014 Kimura is secretary of the Japanese Slavonic Society. 



Research interests

language policy, revitalization of minority languages, cross-language communication


Sophia University in Tokyo