How and what to post on Pol-Int

Who can register on Pol-Int?

The platform addresses scholars from the humanities, human and social sciences, law and economics. Users are not required to hold a (higher) academic degree. Each and every one interested in participating in academic discussions and exchange is welcome to register on Pol-Int.

What content is being posted on Pol-Int?

Pol-Int collects and disseminates the most recent news from the broad field of interdisciplinary and international Polish Studies – short notices about recently published books (Publications), reviews of said publications (Reviews), announcements of scholarly events such as conferences, workshops, summer schools, study trips or panel discussions (Events), reports of said events (Conference Reports), announcements of calls, scholarships, grants and job openings (Career), as well as information on new study programs and research projects (Projects). What is more, any person and institution partaking in the field of Polish Studies can present their work to a broader interested public (see categories Users and Institutions, respectively).

Who can post on Pol-Int?

Every registered user can post and edit content in the following categories at any time: Publications, Events, Career and Projects. Every person and institution can also set up and edit their own user profile (see categories Users and Institutions, respectively). Book reviews and conference reports are published by the editorial team only, and are the only texts that need to be approved, edited and proof-read first. Book reviews and conference reports are to be sent at

Can the editorial team post content for me?

Pol-Int is an interactive platform that relies on the continuous activity of its users. Therefore, we encourage all registered users to post their content themselves. The editorial team posts content other than the aforementioned book reviews or conference reports only in exceptional cases.

How do I post content myself?

First of all, you have to be registered and logged on to the platform. Posts can be added in the corresponding categories by clicking on the buttons " Add publication", "Add event", "Add offer", "Add project", and "Add institution", respectively. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). Finally, posts need to be confirmed by clicking "Save".

After registration and logging onto my account I can’t add a post

Newly registered users may post on the platform only after their accounts have been activated by the site administrator. The period of time between registration and activation should not exceed 48 hours. If you have not received a notification about the activation of your account, please contact us at

Personal profile

How do I set up my own user account?

Setting up your own profile takes only a few clicks: To start, choose the yellow " Register" button on the home page and then fill in the form as required. Users decide for themselves which personal information they want to disclose. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*) and include: the user's first and last name, current residence (town and country), email address (not visible for other users), language proficiency (Polish, German, or English) and their research interests and disciplines. If you wish, you can always add more details about your current employment and newest publications to your profile. Confirm the registration of a new user account as well as any changes you make at a later time by clicking "Create new account" or "Save".

Is it possible to post on behalf of the institution I work for instead of posting as a private person?

Due to technical reasons, you can post content only as a private person for the time being. However, you can always connect your personal profile to the institution you work with or mark any institution as organizer of an event (Events) or as employer (Career).


How do I subscribe for, change or unsubscribe the Pol-Int Newsletter?

Log on to the platform and click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the website. Then go to "Your profile", "Edit view" and "Newsletter subscription" and manage your content and language settings as well as the frequency in which you want receive the newsletter. You can change your settings at any time. If you want to unsubscribe, just click on the link "I do not want to receive the newsletter anymore". Confirm changes by clicking "Save".


How do I become a reviewer/editor for Pol-Int?

If you are interested in working with us as a book reviewer or editor, please send us your academic CV, indicating your previous experience as book reviewer/editor and attaching a short work sample at We look forward to welcoming new book reviewers and editors to our team!

Can I recommend books for review?

Of course! You can bring important and interesting new publications to our attention in two ways: either post it directly in Publications (clicking the button " Add publication"), or send us an email at We look forward to all of your recommendations!

How do I submit a book review that I wrote?

You can send your finished review to the editor in charge (if you are already in touch with one) or send it directly at Please, make sure that your text follows our style sheet and guidelines! The editorial team reserves its right to reject texts, should they not comply with Pol-Int's requirements with regards to content and style.


Who can write a conference report?

Every registered user who wants to bring an event from the field of Polish Studies to the attention of a broader international public! If you are interested in writing a conference report, please contact the editorial team at first to discuss the details. The editorial team reserves its right to reject your report if it does not follow our stylesheet and guidelines. Please send your finished text (9.000-12.000 with blanks) at