Invitation for Pol-Int event: GO Poland! Exchange and funding opportunities for young scholars

From NAWA Website

From NAWA Website

When: 06. March 2020, 19.00–20.00

Where: Martin-Luther-Universität Halle, Melanchtonianum, Hörsaal XV

Who: Participants of the 5. Kongress Polenforschung

Guests: Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange NAWA

Registration: (first 50 persons)

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Join us for this evening if you want to learn about grants to finance your scientific work, your research stay in Poland or a polish language course and to connect with other scholars!

First, Joanna Rutkowska and Adam Brańko from NAWA are going to present the wide array of funding possibilities and programs for young scholars and discuss them with the audience. Feel free to take part and ask questions regarding your career!

After the presentation you will have the opportunity for a personal exchange in an informal setting. By Tyskie beer and snacks you can connect with other scholars, talk about your scientific work and discuss current challenges.

The discussion will be held in English. All updates, presentations and pictures will be posted on this website.

Interested in future plans regarding Pol-Int? We will talk about the relaunch of Pol-Int in 2021 on Friday, March 6, during the Project presentations at 10 o'clock! More information: