Evaluation of Polish Studies.Interdisciplinary

Since the launch of the academic online platform Polish Studies.Interdisciplinary (Pol-Int) in 2014, more than 1,400 users have registered to the site, posting information on new publications, events, grants and job offers as well as networking possibilities in the broad field of interdisciplinary and international Polish studies. Time to take a step back and evaluate – a task the Centre for Interdisciplinary Polish Studies assigned to the Department for Quality Management of the European University Viadrina.


The aim of the evaluation was to obtain qualitative feedback on average user behaviour and usability, user satisfaction as well as potential aspects to further develop Pol-Int. Those who participated in the evaluation were mainly research associates from various humanities in Germany. They had first heard about Pol-Int through our partner institutions, teachers and professors at universities, or friends and acquaintances. In general, we noted a high degree of user satisfaction with the platform, especially with the language presentation, the number of posts in the subscription language, finding interesting posts and news, as well as the information content of the newsletter and the reviews written for the platform.


With regards to the years to come we have identified the following problems and tasks to tackle: How can Pol-Int engage its Polish users and gain more Polish researchers to participate in our project? How do we ensure broad and active participation? How can we cover more research disciplines? How can we secure sustainable funding for the platform?

Thank you

The Pol-Int team wishes to thank all participants for their valuable feedback! Pol-Int is based on the active participation of its users – without you, this project would not be possible. We look forward to further developing the platform with you and keeping it going. Dziękujemy, danke, thanks!

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