Anita Prażmowska (2012)

Poland. A modern history

Publishing house I.B. Tauris
Place of publication London
Page references 320

ISBN: 978-1780762883

Polish independence following the end of World War I marked a new era for a nation which had endured centuries of foreign partition. But the spirit of Polish nationalism - forged during this long period of external domination - has been frequently at odds with the modernizing drives of democracy and communism. How can the ideals of nationalism survive in a modern nation-state? Anita Prazmowska traces this conflict from the emergence of an independent Poland in 1918; through World War II, communism and the democratic victories of Solidarity; to the present day, when Polish membership of the EU is changing perceptions both within Poland and in the wider world. Poland: A Modern History presents a vivid and accessible portrait of Poland's tumultuous history over the past century. It is a clear and concise introduction to a nation which, often at the epicenter of European political history, has nevertheless sometimes struggled to define its national identity.

  • A Review of Recent Polish History Textbooks: Patrice Dabrowski, Brian Porter-Szűcs, Anita Prażmowska

    Reviewed by Dr. Mark Keck-Szajbel