Kaja Finkler; Golda Finkler (2012)

Lives lived and lost. East European history before, during, and after World War II as experienced by an anthropologist and her mother

Publishing house Academic Studies Press
Place of publication Boston
Language English

ISBN: 978-1-936-23590-2

Lives Lived and Lost stands at the intersection of biography, autobiography, memory and history. It narrates a mother's and daughter's separate perspectives of their experiences before, during, and after World War II. The book is also an ethnography of lives of women and children during a transformative period in Eastern Europe and opens a window to the crucial events of that epoch. The challenge of the narratives provides the urgency of the story and the richness of the historical record. It is also an unforgettable story of love, loss, and longing for family engulfed by war. The book will resonate with those interested in the lives of individual women and children; scholars, and students of history, gender, and religion, especially Hasidism, and with mainstream readers in this and future generations unfamiliar with life during the first half of the twentieth century in Europe.