Robert Kuśnierz (2020)

In the World of Stalinist Crimes: Ukraine in the Years of the Purges and Terror (1934‒1938) from the Polish Perspective

Publishing house CIUS Press
Place of publication Edmonton
Language English

ISBN: 978-1-894865-57-9

This book is a study of the Stalinist terror campaign in Soviet Ukraine in the 1930s, in particular for the period of 1934–38. This study is based on Polish diplomatic and military intelligence sources that have not hitherto been researched and analyzed. The author's unique contribution to the study of this period is its detailed analysis of the terror campaign against various national minorities in Ukraine (in particular, Poles); its descriptions of the fates of those Ukrainians who emigrated to Soviet Ukraine from Galicia (which was part of the interwar Polish state); and its analysis of the post-Holodomor period in the Ukrainian countryside where famine conditions lingered into 1934 and even 1935 (Kusnierz provides evidence of famine deaths and even cannibalism in 1934).