Edited volume

Alina Molisak, Shoshana Ronen (2017)

The Trilingual Literature of Polish Jews from Different Perspectives. In Memory of I.L. Peretz

Publishing house Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Place of publication Newcastle upon Tyne
Page references 400
Language English

ISBN: 978-1-4438-9131-8

Are the literary works of Polish Jews one unified literature in three languages: Yiddish, Hebrew and Polish, or is the literal corpus of each of these languages a separated literary and cultural phenomenon? Twenty-seven scholars from Europe, the United States, and Israel explore different aspects of the multilingual literature of Eastern European Jews, with a particular focus on the trilingual literature of Polish Jews until World War II.

The work of the great Yiddish and Hebrew writer Isaac Leib Peretz (1852–1915) represents the center of the book, though it does not concentrate solely on Peretz's work, but, rather, discusses the oeuvre of other unique authors in the cultural space of Jews in Central and Eastern Europe generally, and in Poland particularly. The book looks at this issue from three aspects, namely the literal, cultural, and historical, and also examines the dialogue of Polish Jewish literature with other languages and cultures.

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