Journal article

Izabela Grabowska (2016)

The Transition from Education to Employment Abroad: The Experiences of Young People from Poland

Journal Europe-Asia Studies
Number/Volume 68: 8 (2016)
Page references 1421-1440

ISSN: 0966-8136 (Print), 1465-3427 (Online)

This article examines the subject of the transition from education to the labour market among young people moving directly from education in Poland to first jobs abroad. With free labour mobility in the European Union (EU), there are now more options for transitions into adulthood, including working abroad. This study uses mainly qualitative empirical material with some contextual quantitative data to examine the characteristics of young people who opted for a first job abroad, how they made their transitions from education to the foreign labour market, and the impact of their first jobs abroad on their subsequent occupational paths after returning home.