Journal article

Siddhartha Sarkar (2017)

Trans-border trafficking of victims for sexual exploitation in Poland

Journal Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe
Short title of the journal JCCEE
Number/Volume 1 (2017)
Page references 85-102

ISSN: Print 2573-9638, Online 2573-9646

This study is based on quantitative research aiming to propose a comprehensive understanding of the determinants of women's exposures to sex trafficking in Poland. For this study, interviews were conducted with 96 female victims and survivors of human trafficking in Poland to comprehend the current trends and patterns of cross-border trafficking of victims in Poland and the major areas of trafficking for sex-based exploitation within the current international security debate. While the survey instrument was primarily focused on demographic characteristics; a number of socio-economic questions were also asked to the respondents. The study identified some priorities that Poland should address to tackle the issue of trafficking – recognizing, protecting and supporting victims of trafficking; hastening the prevention of trafficking in human beings; better coordination and cooperation among key informants and policy coherence; and improved knowledge of and effective response to emerging concerns related to all forms of trafficking in human beings.