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Studies in East European Thought. Vol. 72, Issue 1

Frequency quarterly
Language English

ISSN: 0925-9392 (Print) 1573-0948 (Online)

In this issue

From structuralism to Marxism (and Back?): Jan Mukařovský 1945–1963

Peter Steiner

Pages 1-18

German philosophy in Vilnius in the years 1803–1832 and the origins of Polish Romanticism

Katarzyna Filutowska

Pages 19-30Download PDF (465KB) View Article

Chance as an existential reality: on one of the most fundamental categories in Alexander Herzen's thought

Jacek UglikPages 31-41Download PDF (517KB) View Article

Slovak Marxist–Leninist philosophy on work: experience of the second half of the twentieth century

Vasil Gluchman

Pages 43-58

M. M. Bakhtin and the German proto-Romantic tradition

John Cook

Pages 59-81

Review of Teresa Obolevitch: Faith and Science in Russian Religious Thought

Frédéric Tremblay

Pages 83-87

Anton Yasnitsky and René van der Veer (eds.): Revisionist revolution in Vygotsky studies

Andrey Maidansky

Pages 89-95

Jeff Love: the black circle: a life of Alexandre Kojève

Evert van der Zweerde

Pages 97-100

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