Journal article

Małgorzata Górnik-Durose, Łukasz Jach (2016)

The Structure of Goal Contents Revisited. A Verification of the Model in Polish Samples

Journal Polish Psychological Bulletin
Short title of the journal PPB
Number/Volume 47: 4 (2016)
Page references 451-463

ISSN: 1641-7844

The article presents an attempt to confirm the circumplex structure of goal contents, identified in 15 cultures around the world (Grouzet et al., 2005), in nine Polish samples. The procedure followed steps from the original study and included testing the assumed 11-factor goal structure and the two-dimensional circular organization of the goal contents. None of the analyses showed outcomes that would explicitly confirm the results attained in the original study. The CFA showed rather poor fits. Results of the MDS generally supported the assumption about the two-dimensional goal contents structure, however ipsative distance analysis reproduced only one of the two assumed dimensions. Finally, although the CIRCUM analysis showed in principle that in the Polish sample the organization of goal contents on the circumference was quite similar to original, the RMSEA indicated poor fit. Methodological and conceptual reasons for the replication failure are analyzed and discussed.