Gabriele Dietze, Julia Roth (eds.) (2020)

Right-Wing Populism and Gender. European Perspectives and Beyond

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Place of publication Bielefeld
Page references 286
Language English

ISBN: 978-3-8376-4980-2

While research in right-wing populism has recently been blossoming, a systematic study of the intersection of right-wing populism and gender is still missing, even though gender issues are ubiquitous in discourses of the radical right ranging from »ethnosexism« against immigrants, to »anti-genderism.«

This volume shows that the intersectionality of gender, race and class is constitutional for radical right discourse. From different European perspectives, the contributions investigate the ways in which gender is used as a meta-language, strategic tool and »affective bridge« for ordering and hierarchizing political objectives in the discourse of the diverse actors of the »right-wing complex.«

including a chapter by Agnieszka Graff, Angry Women: Poland's Black Protests as 'Populist Feminism', pp. 231-250


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