Ewa Ochman (2013)

Post-Communist Poland – Contested Pasts and Future Identities

Publishing house Routledge
Place of publication London, New York
Page references 224
Series BASEES/Routledge Series on Russian and East European Studies
Language English

ISBN: 9780415658744

This book explores the reinterpretations of Poland's past which have been undertaken by Polish national and local elites since the fall of communism. It focuses on remembrance practices and traces the de-commemorating of communism to examine the ways in which collective remembering and forgetting shapes present power constellations in Poland and impacts on foreign and domestic policy. The book outlines the detail of the new hegemonic national myths which are being established but also investigates fragmentation and diversification of commemorative practices at the local level that has the most potential to challenge the dominant vision of national Polish identity, historically centred on martyrdom, heroism and independence, as less relevant to Poland's new aspirations for the future.


  • Post-Communist Poland – Contested Pasts and Future Identities

    Reviewed by Dr. Tomasz Pawłuszko