Edited volume

Małgorzata Mizerska-Wrotkowska; José Luis Orella Martínez (eds.) (2014)

Poland and Spain in Contemporary World

Publishing house SCHEDAS
Place of publication Madrid
Page references 250
Language English

ISBN: 9788494225642

In the present collection, individual authors address both the question of relations between Poland and Spain and issues related to the role of both countries in international relations, especially in European politics. This initiative is a valuable one, particularly since the literature on this subject, both Polish and international especially – pays little attention to these two countries (and in particular relations between them). This is all the more surprising as both are among the six largest countries of Europe.

A further major strength of this publication is its pairing of several texts that though on similar subjects, view those subjects from different perspectives. This pairing approach is taken on the topics of security policy, economic crisis, Polish refugees in Spain and Spanish refugees in Poland and the foreign policies of both countries.

The articles themselves are concise, factual, devoid of digression and edited in accordance with the principles of academic literature. This book should be an interesting read for political scientists, scholars of European studies, international relations analysts, as well as students of Iberian studies.

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