Joanna Kaminska (2014)

Poland and EU Enlargement. Foreign Policy in Transformation

Publishing house Palgrave Macmillan
Place of publication New York
Language English

ISBN: 9781137452221

This book analyzes the drivers of changes in Polish foreign policy in last ten years in the context of the EU membership. It explores Polish transition from a policy taker to policy-maker and shows how Poland shapes the EU policy towards the Eastern neighbors through case studies of agreement negotiations with Ukraine and Russia and the establishment of the Eastern Partnership. It provides an insight into national and EU policy making in the area of external relations and tracks different variables that contribute to policy change. It shows how Poland used the policy vacuum on the EU level concerning the relations with the Eastern neighbors to pursue its interests and points to domestic and international constrains of Polish influence.

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  • Poland and EU Enlargement. Foreign Policy in Transformation

    Reviewed by Dr. Andriy Tyushka