Journal article

Teresa Bogacz (2017)

Names on maps as an element of the discussion about relativism in the understanding of national identity (based on the example of western and northern Polish territories after 1945 and 1989)

Journal Polish Cartographical Review
Short title of the journal PCR
Number/Volume 49: 4(2017)
Page references 199-207

ISSN: 0324-8321 (Print), 2450-6966 (Online)

The article tackles the difficult problem of identity creation of new inhabitants of western and northern Poland after 1945 and of relativism in the understanding of national identity after 1989. One of the manifestations are geographical names, which are reflected on maps. The authors of the article looked at this difficult, historically unprecedented process of integration and identification of new inhabitants with the geographical space through the prism of maps, entering into the contemporary discussion about the transformations taking place in the understanding of national identity.