Edited volume

Bartosz Kaliski (2020)

Messengers of the Free Word. Paris – Prague – Warsaw, 1968–1971

Publishing house Peter Lang
Place of publication Berlin et al.
Series Polish Studies - Transdisciplinary Perspectives
Language English

ISBN: 978-3-631-83480-0

The book presents an important and well known but so far not described episode in the history of banned books in the communist Poland – the activity of the so-called Tatra climbers. They were students and scholars from Warsaw, who initiated a risky cooperation with the centre of Polish political emigration in Paris – Kultura monthly. Inspired by the Prague Spring they tried to develop cooperation between the students from Eastern Bloc countries, smuggled books through the Polish-Slovak border, and gathered texts critical about communist rulers. After a few months, their activity was stopped by the Polish political police. The monograph shows the circumstances and motivations behind this dangerous activity of young people, traces the police investigation against them, and describes the mock trial in 1970.