Journal article

Tobias Böing, Georg Stadtmann, Meerim Sydykova (2016)

Measuring Nominal and Real Convergence of Selected CEE Countries by the Taylor Rule

Short title of the journal International Journal of Management and Economics (IJME)
Number/Volume No. 52
Page references 9 - 22

ISSN: ISSN (Online) 2299-9701

Abstract: We propose using a simple Taylor rule to evaluate business cycle convergence of

the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland with the Eurozone. Our findings indicate

an ongoing convergence of those CEE countries to the Eurozone, but with instabilities

and heterogeneity between the countries. Especially Poland has shown a high degree of

convergence in recent years. But there are still relevant differences in Taylor rates of each

country to the Eurozone of about two percentage points.