Edited volume

Krzysztof Trybuś (ed.) (2020)

The Literature of Polish Romanticism in Its European Contexts

Publishing house Peter Lang
Place of publication Berlin et al.
Page references 234
Series Cross-Roads
Language English

ISBN: 978-3-631-81076-7

The book contains essays on the heterogeneity of Polish Romantic literature and its links with Europe's cultural heritage. The essays deal with, among other topics, the idea of beauty and truth, correspondences between the arts, the role of tradition and memory in the Romantic era, and the significance of mysticism and irony. The authors of the essays write about such seemingly distant issues as music and revolution in Chopin's times, and travel to places as disparate as Siberia and Italy. Their thematically diverse reflections are linked by questions they pose about the romantic roots of today's Europe. The works of Mickiewicz and other Romantic poets discussed in this book thus clearly do not concern merely the past, but also speak to the present day, describing the experiences of everyday life in its various dimensions.

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