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The Journal of Transport History

Abbreviation JTH
Publisher Massimo Moraglio
Frequency other
Language English

ISSN: 0022-5266 (eISSN 1759-3999)

The Journal of Transport History aims to circulate and promote the best and the widest possible range of peer reviewed analysis and commentary on all facets of transport pasts. It also aims to benchmark and stimulate the craft of researching, curating and writing transport history in all its diversity. The Journal aims to deepen understanding of agency and consequences in transport history. It is concerned to document and explain moments, phases, trends and pivots in transport history. It seeks to challenge received wisdom, to provoke debate, and to open new frontiers of inquiry.

The Journal publishes original research papers on all aspects of transport history, without restriction to place or period. Histories of transport infrastructure provision and use, and histories of particular transport types and services, are prominent, but these are tackled from many different points of view and research methodologies. Papers about past mobilities and travel, and planning and policy, are welcome.

In addition to research papers, the Journal publishes reviews of academic books in the field of transport history, shorter surveys and speculations, and reviews of transport museums and exhibitions.

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