Foundation Pro Scientia Publica (since 2010)

Journal of Education Culture and Society

Abbreviation JECS
Publisher Foundation Pro Scientia Publica
Frequency bianually
Language English

ISSN: 2081-1640

Journal of Education Culture and Society is a multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary Internet journal, which aims at promoting young scholar talents from the field of humanistic and social sciences, especially those functioning within the subfields of pedagogy, psychology, sociology, history of education, philosophy and economy. Articles relating thematically to education and teaching are preferred as the aim is to make educational issues a reason for a wider interdisciplinary scholarly discussion.

Journal of Education Culture and Society is published in June and September. The journal was established to support young and talented students, PhD students and adjuncts who do not find place for themselves within already established disciplines, do not have the possibility of sharing their research results in the currently functioning scientific press and who are not convinced of the value of their scholarly work and wish to subject themselves to evaluation external to their closest work environment.
Authors can submit articles to one of the six sections.

In the Ethics section, there are articles relating to the law, history, philosophy, and pedagogy and exploring the issues regarding the ethics and organization of education.

In the Transgression section, there are articles focusing on the effects of educational, cultural, and social changes.

In the Experience section, there are articles placing emphasis on the description and analysis of phenomenon.

In the Dynamics section, there are articles underlining the change itself, without concentrating on the results of the change.

In the Expression, there are usually articles relating to artistic activities and the fields of literary, art, and cultural studies. It creates space for the presentation of artistic schools, specific nature of art activities and the role of given pieces of art in the shaping of the culture.

In the Local Cultures and Societies section, there are articles defining the peculiarity of local cultural and educational phenomena in the national, regional or narrower perspective.

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