Edited volume

Marie Ruiz (ed.) (2018)

International Migrations in the Victorian Era

Publishing house Brill
Place of publication Brill
Series Studies in Global Social History
Language English

ISBN: 978-90-04-36639-8

International Migrations in the Victorian Era covers a wide range of case studies to unveil the complexity of transnational circulations and connections in the 19th century. Combining micro- and macro-studies, this volume looks into migration networks, as well as the causes and consequences of Victorian migrations (demographic evolutions, role of women, migrants' integration, and political interventions). It presents a history of migration grounded on people, structural forces and migration processes that bind societies together. The different patterns and experiences of Victorian migrations exposed in this volume concur to show the impact of migration beyond national framings. Rather than focussing on distinct territorial units, International Migrations in the Victorian Era balances different scales of analysis: individual, local, regional, national and transnational.

Contributors are: Rebecca Bates, Sally Brooke Cameron, Milosz K. Cybowski, Nicole Davis, Anne-Catherine De Bouvier, Claire Deligny, Elizabeth Dillenburg, Nicolas Garnier, Trevor Harris, Kathrin Levitan, Véronique Molinari, Ipshita Nath, Jude Piesse, Daniel Renshaw, Eric Richards, Marie Ruiz, Sue Silberberg, Ben Szreter, Géraldine Vaughan, Briony Wickes, Rhiannon Heledd Williams.