Journal article

Adam A. Ambroziak, Christopher A. Hartwell (2018)

The impact of investments in special economic zones on regional development: the case of Poland

Journal Regional Studies
Short title of the journal RS
Number/Volume 52: 10(2018)
Page references 1322-1331

ISSN: 0034-3404 (print), 1360-0591 (online)

Special economic zones (SEZs) in Poland were established explicitly to enhance regional development, crafting a series of investment incentives designed to boost investment attractiveness in particular regions. How have these incentives fared in reality? To capture the impact of SEZs upon regional development in the country, we use a counterfactual evaluation method across a number of important metrics, including company investment, number of companies and unemployment. The analysis shows that SEZs have had a strongly positive impact upon the development of the least-developed regions in Poland, while in relatively richer ones the effect was weak or even negative.