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Gershon Bacon (ed.) (2020)

GAL-ED. On the history and culture of Polish Jewry

Short title of the journal GAL-ED
Number/Volume 26-27

ISSN: 0334-4258

Gal-Ed is a bilingual (Hebrew-English), peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the history and culture of Polish Jewry, and has appeared continuously since 1973.

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On the history and culture of Polish Jewry

Editor: Gershon Bacon

Associate Editors: Avner Holtzman, Adam Teller, Scott Ury

Volume 26-27 (2021)

Table of Contents - English Section

Editor's Preface - Gershon Bacon


Aleksandra Jakubczak

Protecting the Jewish Daughters: Mass Migration, Trafficking and the crisis of Traditional Jewish Society, 1880s-1914

Marta Marzanska-Mishani

Hersh David Nomberg and the lost "mother land"

Kamil Kijek

The Road to Przytyk: Agitation and the sociotechnique of Violence in the Kielce region, 1931-1936

Anne Klotz

The Warsaw Yiddish press and its struggle against the Persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany, 1933-1935

Maria Ferenc

The ghetto decree gnaws away at our depressed world! - Rumors about the ghetto in Warsaw, 1939-1940

Elżbieta Kossewska

The Hebrew translation of Mitologia [Mythology]: The Correspondence of Jan Parandowski, David Lazer and David Ben Gurion

Bożena Szaynok

Jewish Affairs in the Operations of State Security Services in East Central European Communist Countries, 1948-1953

Monika Stępień

The Returns of Polish Jews to their Hometowns in Light of Personal Document Literature: Examples from Warsaw, Łódź, and Kraków


Ewa Koźmińska-Frejlak and Gabriel N. Finder

Apart: Polish-Jewish Relations in Communist Poland, Part II


Contents - Hebrew Section

Editor's Preface - Gershon Bacon


Anat Vaturi

Similar but Different: Breastfeeding among Jews and Christians in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and its Demographic implications

Arie Yariv

The History of the Jewish-Karaite Community Leadership (Wójt) in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Chen Mandel Edrei

"Stories that I have heard from men of truth": Authority, Poetics, and Modernization in Hasidic Hagiography

Oz Bluman

Antokolsky as a Man: Hillel Zeitlin and Visual Art in Vilna

Simha Shlasky

Constructing a career through a Youth Movement: Hashomer Hatzair in Intewar Poland

Irit Eilam-Abadi

The Image of the Jewish Shtetl as a Graveyard in Hebrew and Yiddish Literature up to 1939

Jacob Barnai and Irith Cherniavsky

'To be a Communist with all your Heart and Soul is not easy': Kalman Gelbard (1905-1950) - The Story of a Polish-Jewish-Israeli Communist


Marcos Silber

Matityahu Mintz (1923-2017)