Journal article

Ewa Kopczyńska, Katarzyna Zielińska (2016)

Feeding the Body, Feeding the Gender: Dietary Choices of Men and Women in Poland

Journal East European Politics & Societies
Short title of the journal EEPS
Number/Volume 30/1
Page references 147–168

ISSN: 1533-8371

Food and eating serve as an expression of social relations and roles as well as a mechanism sustaining or challenging social structure and roles. This also includes marking and reproducing gender roles and identities. With the profound social, cultural, and political changes that have taken place there recently, Poland offers an interesting case study for grasping the changing meaning of both food and gender and the relationship between them. The aim of this article is therefore twofold—to present available data on food choices among men and women (mostly dietary choices) and to offer a socio-cultural interpretation of the data by discussing it in the context of emerging food regimes and recent gender transformations. In other words, we will be interested in finding out how food is incorporated in doing gender in the Polish context and how it can be interpreted in the light of scholarly work on both gender and food.

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