Edited volume

Magdalena Baran-Szołtys / Jagoda Wierzejska (eds.) (2020)

Continuities and Discontinuities of the Habsburg Legacy in East-Central European Discourses since 1918

Publishing house V&R unipress: Vienna University Press
Place of publication Göttingen
Page references 221
Series Wiener Galizien-Studien ; Band 3
Language English

ISBN: 9783847109235

The book is dedicated to an analysis of the ways the Habsburg heritage has been undermined and sustained in East-Central European discourses since the collapse of the Habsburg Empire.
In 1918 the Danube Monarchy ceased to exist and its provinces became parts of the Monarchy's successor states, which increasingly assumed the character of nation-states. The regimes of these countries were usually oblivious and/or hostile to remnants of the erstwhile Austrian rule due to ideological reasons: they treated them as traces of a superimposed imperial power and an alien – democratic, pluralistic, liberal – tradition. Notwithstanding that fact, erasing the Habsburg Empire from maps of Europe did not entail the entire cancelation of its legacy on the former Habsburg territories. Although officially neglected or suppressed, this legacy made itself felt, overtly or tacitly, in discourses present in the public sphere of the countries that superseded the Monarchy.
The volume considers two phenomena: the ways in which the Habsburg legacy was obliterated, as well as manifestations of its continued presence in East-Central European discourses from 1918 until today. Furthermore, it discusses how these phenomena have evolved over the last hundred years in terms of domination, continuities, and discontinuities. In the centre of our interest lie the northern territories of the erstwhile Danube Monarchy, i.e. Galicia along with Bukovina, Bohemia, and Moravia. The articles of this volume analyse textual, first and foremost literary works in which the Habsburg tradition of these lands is supplanted by national and Soviet models of culture, as well as repeated reversions to that tradition notwithstanding.