Journal article

Beata Konopska, Dawid Kowalski (2019)

Cartographic image of “wandering streets and their names” in Lublin (in the 20th and 21st century) – verification of a research method

Journal Polish Cartographical Review
Short title of the journal PCR
Number/Volume 51: 4(2019)
Page references 195-206

ISSN: 0342-8321 (Print), 2450-6966 (Online)

The authors' main goal is to highlight the additional research potential of the method of analysing changes in the routes and names of streets introduced by Paweł E. Weszpiński in 2012. The proposed method was based on the old city maps of Warsaw and, according to Weszpiński, described "wandering streets and their names". Taking the changing routes and names of streets on Lublin city maps from the last century as the research subject, the authors demonstrate that the method can be used to analyse how urban spaces are perceived and how they function in the minds of local residents. The authors propose to modify the method by adding one more important factor – the function of the place or street affected by the "wandering". They claim that the study of changes in streets' topography, territorial scope and names should be supplemented each time with an analysis of the administrative, economic or social significance of the place.