Edited volume

Sharryn Kasmir, August Carbonella (eds.) (2014)

Blood and Fire. Toward a Global Anthropology of Labor

Publishing house Berghahn
Place of publication New York et. al.
Page references 306
Language English

ISBN: 978-1-78238-363-5

Based on long-term fieldwork, six vivid ethnographies from Colombia, India, Poland, Spain and the southern and northern U.S. address the dwindling importance of labor throughout the world. The contributors to this volume highlight the growing disconnect between labor struggles and the advancement of the greater common good, a phenomenon that has grown since the 1980s. The collection illustrates the defeat and unmaking of particular working classes, and it develops a comparative perspective on the uneven consequences of and reactions to this worldwide project. In Blood and Fire charts a course within global anthropology to address the widespread precariousness and the prevalence of insecure and informal labor in the twenty-first century.

Chapter Six: "Worthless Poles" and Other Dispossessions: Toward an Anthropology of Labor in Post-Communist Central and Eastern Europe (by Don Kalb), p. 250-287.

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