Dietmar Osses (2017)

Between uncertainty and confidence: the art, culture and everyday life of Polish displaced persons in Germany 1945–1955 (exhibition book)

Publishing house Klartext-Verlag
Place of publication Essen
Page references 224
Language English

ISBN: 9783837519013

At the end of the Second World War there were one million former Polish Forced Labourers, internees and prisoners of war in Western Germany. They were stuck in the country of the people who had treated them brutally and it was impossible for them to return home. Even their chances to emigrate and to be accepted abroad were very limited. Most of these socalled "displaced persons" (DPs) had to live in collective accommodation. Here they set up a huge number of independent organisations and developed an impressive cultural life. The book contains scholarly articles, contemporary memories and tales of important souvenirs, and gives an insight into the everyday life, art and culture of Polish DPs in Germany.

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