Krzysztof Lewalski (2020)

The Attitude of Christian Churches in the Kingdom of Poland toward Jews in 1855–1915

Publishing house Peter Lang
Place of publication Berlin et al.
Page references 326
Series Studies in Jewish History and Memory
Language English

ISBN: 978-3-631-71002-9

The book is the first attempt in historiography to present the attitude of Christian Churches (Catholic, Evangelical, and Orthodox) in the Kingdom of Poland towards Jews at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The work is based on a rich and varied source base, it presents many new facts and introduces unknown or unused sources. The monograph deals with the issues of extremely important historical significance, often remaining at the center of the updated historical and political disputes. Despite the difficulty and complexity of the topic, the analysis of the source material, the narrative, and the conclusions contained therein were not involved in these disputes. The work is an important step towards understanding Christian-Jewish relations and Polish-Jewish relations.

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