Amanda Krzyworzeka, Emily Channell-Justice (eds.) (since 2019)

Anthropology of East Europe Review 36 (1)

Abbreviation AEER
Publisher Indian University IUScholarworks
Frequency bianually
Language English

ISSN: 2153-2931

The current issue of AEER is composed of articles from Polish anthropologists only – and there is a reason behind it. It is a form of showing support to Polish colleagues who have been fighting for months for the proper place of ethnology and cultural-social anthropology on the map of Polish academia. During the recent reform, the Minister of Science and Higher Education canceled anthropology as a separate discipline, combining it with religious studies and cultural studies and thus creating "culture and religion sciences". Making the identity of the discipline and its methodological independence their main concern, Polish anthropologists has attempted to change the mind of the decision-makers, using the support of the international environment.

Table of contents

From the editors

Amanda Krzyworzeka; Emily Channell-Justice

Questioning Bacteria. How Farmers in North-Eastern Poland Resist Forced Progress
Agnieszka Kosiorowska

Different dimensions of diligence in the contemporary Polish rural areas
Maria Bolek, Anna Jakubowska

Natural Born Farmer. Rural childhood and farm work in eastern Poland
Julia Harasimowicz

Farming means headache. Everyday challenges of dairy farms in Podlasie
Mateusz Sarnacki

Ethnography, Art and a Societal Road to Nowhere. The Tear Dealer Project
Tomasz Rakowski

Interview with Agnieszka Halemba
Amanda Krzyworzeka

Manele in Romania: Cultural Expression and Social Meaning in Balkan Popular Music. Eds. Margaret Beissinger, Speranţa Rădulescu, and Anca Giurchescu. Vol. 21, Europea: Ethnomusicologies and Modernities, eds. Philip V. Bohlman and Martin Stokes. Lanham, Ma
Donna A. Buchanan

Race and the Yugoslav Region: Postsocialist, Post-Conflict, Postcolonial? By Catherine Baker. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2018. 256 pp. $31.94, paperback.
Chelsi West Ohueri

Sex, Love, and Migration: Postsocialism, Modernity, and Intimacy from Istanbul to the Arctic. By Alexia Bloch. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2017. 272 pp. Appendix. Notes. Bibliography. Index. $28.95, paper.
Dafna Rachok

Dace Dzenovska. The School of Europeanness. Tolerance or Other Lessons in Political Liberalism in Latvia. 2018. Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press. 255 pp.
Rima Praspaliauskiene

Paprika, Foie Gras, and Red Mud: The Politics of Materiality in the European Union. By Zsuzsa Gille. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2016. 164 pp. Notes. Bibliography. Index. Illustrations. $28.00, paperback.
Morgan Y. Liu

Shock Therapy. Psychology, Precarity, and Well-Being in Postsocialist Russia by Tomas Matza. Durham: Duke University Press. 2018. 305pp. Notes. Bibliography. Index. $99.95, Cloth. $26.95, Paperback.
Grégoire Hervouet-Zeiber

Everyday Post-Socialism: Working-Class Communities in the Russian Margins. By Jeremy Morris. London: Macmilla, 2016. Xxvi, 261pp. Notes. Bibliography. Index. Photographs. Figures. $109.99, hard bound. $84.99, e-book.
Ivan Rajković

Governing Habits: Treating Alcoholism in the Post-Soviet Clinic. By Eugene Raikhel. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2016. 248 pp. $26.95, paperback.
Katherine McLean

My Life as a Spy: Investigations in a Secret Police File. By Katherine Verdery. Durham: Duke University Press, 2018, xvii, 344 pp. Notes, Bibliography, Index, 29 Illustrations. $27.95 paper
Stephen Norris