"MA in Second World War Studies: Conflict, Societies, Holocaust"

New "MA in Second World War Studies: Conflict, Societies, Holocaust" starts in October this year at the University of Wolverhampton (the university that is 2nd in the UK for employability).

The Second World War attracts more academic, media and public interest than any other event in history, and it is an integral part of school and further/higher education curricula. This programme will enable you to study the subject in detail, to update your knowledge, and to become familiar with the use of personal accounts, including interviews and testimonies. You will be taught by experts in the field, and you will carry out your own research in your favourite area.

You will study in depth some of the key issues in the military, political, and social history of the Second World War, such as strategy, diplomacy and politics of Axis and Allied forces, the war in the air, the victory campaign in the West and the war in the East, including life under German occupation, the fate of societies under the conditions of total war, and last but not least, the Holocaust.

Learning and teaching takes place through a mixture of lectures, seminars, and student presentations. You are only required to be in Wolverhampton for Saturday Schools, held once a month during term-time.

Modules • Axis and Allies: Strategy, Diplomacy and Politics at War. • The Ostfront and German Occupation Policy in Eastern Europe. • Societies and Total War. • The Air War. • The Holocaust: Historiography, Sources and Controversies. • The Victory Campaign: War in the West, June 1944 to May 1945.

For an informal discussion, please contact Prof Johannes-Dieter Steinert (j.d.steinert@wlv.ac.uk) or Prof John Buckley (J.Buckley@wlv.ac.uk).