Joanna Trzeciak on Tadeusz Różewicz

Encounters with Polish Literature: Tadeusz Różewicz

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This month on "Encounters with Polish Literature," I look at the poetry of Tadeusz Różewicz, whose centennial we are celebrating this year, with Joanna Trzeciak (Kent State University), scholar and translator of the collection, Sobbing Superpower (W.W. Norton 2013). Prof. Trzeciak offers her reflections on how she met Różewicz and worked with him as a translator. We look at some of his most well-known poems where he is looking for a new poetic language in the aftermath of the Second World War—literally "poetry after Auschwitz" to use Adorno's formulation—as well as some of his later works that reflect on world power and his poetic dialogues with Ezra Pound and Martin Heidegger—figures who were both inspirational as thinkers but problematic for their associations with fascism. We also consider Różewicz's professed atheism and his two religious funerals, which Trzeciak attended.

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