Trojanowska, Niżyńska, and Czapliński on "Being Poland"

Encounters with Polish Literature

Please join me for the first episode of my new video series, "Encounters with Polish Literature," produced in collaboration with the Polish Cultural Institute New York.

In each hour-long monthly episode, we will look at a new topic in Polish literature, beginning with the 20th century to the present. My guests will be scholars, critics, translators, and maybe a few authors when we get to contemporary literature. Our discussions will be in English and will emphasize works available in English translation. For a description and schedule of the series, visit--

In our first episode I say a few words about points of contact between contemporary Polish literature in English translation and American culture, and then we speak with Tamara Trojanowska (U. of Toronto), Joanna Niżyńska (Indiana U., Bloomington), and Przemysław Czapliński (Adam Mickiewicz U., Poznań) about their recent book, "Being Poland: A New History of Polish Literature and Culture Since 1918." For students interested in studying Polish literature and culture, they each give an overview of their academic programs at the end of the program.

For a full description of the first episode and link to the video, go to--

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