CALL FOR PAPERS: Studia Historica Gedanensia, Vol. X, 2019 Teaching – Educating – Upbringing. Historical Instruction at Schools and Universities.

Historical education, in broad interpretation, encompasses the phenomena and the processes related to society's absorption of historical knowledge. Despite its complexity, multifaceted manifestations in various aspects of life it is most commonly associated with traditional forms of knowledge transmission exemplified by the school system.

It was precisely on the school grounds that overtime historical instruction evolved from a supporting discipline to a separate subject bringing with it didactic self-reliance. In the 19th and 20th centuries history was taught universally across modern societies, with varied purposes – from cognitive to ideological. This process, fostered by manifold contexts and emerging in diversified conditions, uncovers many areas for historical and educational research.

The 10th volume of Studia Historica Gedanensia is intended to serve as a forum to present recent research related to:

- history of institutionalized historical education,

- evolution of methods and forms of historical education at schools,

- education of history teachers and their didactic activity,

- specific forms of historical narratives in the past,

- continuity and change of the teaching content and objectives over time,

- ideological and educational contexts of historical education in the past.

This call for papers is addressed to wide academic audiences, primarily to researchers in: history, pedagogics, sociology et al. We invite texts by scholars willing to comment on historical education in historical context, researchers conducting research on history didactics, history of education, history of historiography, methodology – across all historical epochs and without geographical restraints. We invite submissions in the following languages: Polish, English, German, Russian.

Volume editors: Prof. UG, dr hab. Anna Paner; Prof. UG dr hab. Michał Kosznicki

DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS (of articles, edited primary sources, book reviews): 31 August 2017. Paper proposals should include: title, abstract (max. 1000 words), bio (max. 300 words). The authors will receive confirmation should their paper proposals be accepted by early October 2017.

Completed papers should be submitted to the editor by the end of March 2018, by e-mail:;, or via mail: ul. Wita Stwosza 55, 80-952 Gdańsk, Poland.

Editorial guidelines:

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Michał Kosznicki