Doktoratskolleg “Das österreichische Galizien und sein multikulturelles Erbe“

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History, Literary Sciences, Political Sciences
Doktoratskolleg “Das österreichische Galizien und sein multikulturelles Erbe“
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The doctoral program (DP) concerns the interdependent cultures, literatures, languages, religions, economies, and ethnic and social groups in the Austrian crownland of Galicia and Lodomeria, from its incorporation into the Habsburg Empire in 1772 until 1918, and the multicultural heritage of Austrian Galicia in Poland, Ukraine and Austria as well as in the emigration until the present time. Over the last two decades Austrian Galicia has become a favorite object of public interest and new research in Austria (especially in Vienna) and in other countries. Most research, however, has been done in the isolated frameworks of diverse disciplines. As a result, the multiculturalism of the region has not been sufficiently taken into account in the national historiographies as well as in Slavic, German, and Judaic studies. The DP adopts a multidisciplinary approach, combining the methods of literature, linguistics, and history, and applying integrative theories of cultural sciences. This transdisciplinarity will provide new insights for the individual disciplines as well as for a more comprehensive and multilingual view of the historical region.

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