Marcin Zabawa (2012)

English lexical and semantic loans in informal spoken Polish

Publishing house Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śla̜skiego
Place of publication Katowice
Page references 214
Language English

ISBN: 9788322620366

In general, the lexical influence of English upon written Polish, particularly the language of the press, has been researched relatively thoroughly; however, the influence on spoken informal Polish, both lexical and semantic, has attracted much less attention of linguists, as gathering a sufficient amount of spontaneous spoken language is inherently a very difficult and time-consuming process. This tendency still continues, as much attention is devoted to new vocabulary items appearing in written Polish, especially the one used in the mass media. Much less has been written, however, about the newest semantic borrowings. The aim of the present book is therefore to investigate the lexical and semantic influence of English upon Polish on the basis of the corpus, consisting of informal conversations, recorded, transcribed and analysed by the present author. The main focus of the book is on semantic borrowings.

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Introduction (p. 11―13).

1. Spoken Language as a Linguistic Phenomenon (p. 15―25

2. Theoretical Aspects of the Concept and the Process of Borrowing (p. 26―41)

3. The Linguistic Outcome of English-Polish Contacts (p. 42―53)

4. The Description of the Corpus (p. 54―68)

5. Lexical Loans Found in the Corpus (p. 69―92)

6. Semantic Loans Found in the Corpus (p. 93―176)

7. Conclusion (p. 177―183)

Appendices (p. 185―198)

Bibliography (p. 199―214)

  • English lexical and semantic loans in informal spoken Polish

    Reviewed by M.A. Kazuhiro Sadakane