BASEES Women's Forum Prizes

For the 2021/22 cycle, the BASEES Women's Forum prize scheme is accepting nominations for books and articles published in 2020. The deadline for nominations is 1 July 2021, and the winners will be announced early in 2022. For postgraduate conference papers, a copy of the paper must be submitted to the prize committee by 1 March 2022. The prizes (if awarded) will be presented at the annual dinner of the 2022 conference.

The current regulations are as follows:

  1. The prizes are offered annually for scholarly works of high quality either produced by a woman or which furthers knowledge about gender and diversity relevant to the East European, Russian and Eurasian region, in the following categories:
    1. a) A singly or jointly authored book (one hundred pounds).
    1. b) A scholarly article or book chapter (fifty pounds).
    1. c) A postgraduate conference paper, to be given at the BASEES conference (fifty pounds).
  2. Works nominated for consideration must be of a scholarly character and must be in English. Books and articles must have been published - as defined by the date of imprint or, if a periodical, the cover date - within the 12 months of the calendar year preceding the annual closing date for nominations. For postgraduate conference papers, a copy of the paper must be submitted in advance of the conference.
  3. The authors of nominated work must at the time of nomination be members or associate members of the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies. It is the responsibility of the nominator to check the BASEES membership status of potential nominees and ensure that membership is in place prior to nomination. Nominations of non-members will not be considered.
  4. Awards will be made by a jury whose membership will be approved by the Executive Committee of the BASEES Women's Forum.
  5. The jury may divide the Prize equally between not more than two nominated works in any year; or they may make no award in any year in which no work of sufficient merit presents itself.
  6. Works may be nominated for consideration by the authors, or by publishers, librarians or other scholars.
  7. Two copies of the nominated work(s) should also be sent to the BASEES Women's Forum Prize Committee. For contact details, see below.
  8. The deadline for submission of nominations shall be 1 July each year in respect of publications whose imprint date is the previous calendar year, and 1 March (immediately preceding the conference) for postgraduate conference papers. The prize is awarded (if a recommendation is made to do so) at the Association's annual conference in the spring of the calendar year following the deadline for submission of nominations.
  9. Nominations should be made on the standard form for this purpose, which is available as a download from this page, and submitted to the Prize Committee at

For current and past winners, see:


BASEES Women's Forum Prize Committee, c/o Dr Julia Sutton-Mattocks
Department of Russian and Czech, University of Bristol, 17 Woodland Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1UP, United Kingdom