Czas Kultury

  • Poznań, Poland

„Czas Kultury" jest pismem społeczno-kulturalnym, stawiającym sobie za cel krytyczną analizę i wartościującą prezentację nowych zjawisk w świecie współczesnej kultury na tle przemian społecznych. „Czas Kultury" wydawany jest od 1985 roku. Od grudnia 1999 roku przez Stowarzyszenie Czasu Kultury, które jest właścicielem praw do wydawanie pisma (indeks 354627, ISSN 0867-2148). Czasopismo internetowe (dawniej funkcjonuje od 2010 roku.

„Czas Kultury" [Time of Culture] has been published in Poland continuously since 1985. In the early years the journal was characterized by dynamic and creative publishing and closely related to the young literary movements. Over the subsequent years the journal has changed, its development resulted directly from the transforming reality, both in the political and artistic dimensions.

Currently „Czas Kultury" is a solid socio-cultural journal which aims to cover the most valuable and interesting aspects of arts, culture and current social affairs. „Czas Kultury" takes a variety of research perspectives such as cultural studies, literary studies, philosophical, ethnological or sociological. Each issue has a major thematic section, for example, „Bio[in]perfection", „[Anti]motherhood", „Demons of science", consisting of scientific articles, each of them is subject to the reviewing procedure. Majority of the authors constituting the thematic sections have academic degrees, and all the members of the editorial staff are reputable and recognized scholars in their fields of science. In addition to articles devoted to specific topics, journal also publishes essays, prose and poetry, press review, feuilletons and discussions about current problems of culture.

The journal has been evaluated by The Ministry of Science and Higher Education and it has passed the verification successfully. „Czas Kultury" is included on the list of scientific journals to the assessment of 12 points. Quarterly cooperates also with databases of journals, among others, The Central and Eastern European Online Library in which are located the last 10 vintages „Czas Kultury".

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