09.05.2019 in Słupsk, Poland

Słupsk and the Słupsk Region from the Middle Ages to the modern period. I. review of the state of research

  • 09.05.2019
  • starting at: 9:00
  • Event languages: English, German, Polish
  • Deadline for submissions: 31.03.2019
  • Instytut Historii i Politologii Akademii Pomorskiej w Słupsku
  • Event location: Akademia Pomorska w Słupsku, ul. Kozietulskiego 6-7
  • Type of Event: Conference
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The aim of the conference is an attempt to review the state of research on the history of Słupsk and the adjacent areas, and therefore to invite researchers who have devoted their studies to this particular issue. The organizers are counting on historical summaries, formulating research questions and setting out new directions for work.

The centuries-old history of this Pomeranian hub and its neighboring areas has already been summed up several times in historical studies, both Polish and German syntheses. Monographs, articles and many popular science works were created as well. The group of professional historians and lovers of the past of Słupsk is numerous, but unfortunately scattered. In fact, there is no center focusing these efforts; there is no platform for covering meetings, exchange of views, findings, disputes and constituting a source of inspiration. Perhaps this will change if the conference becomes cyclical. Interest in regional history is growing. There is a strong historical environment within the town. In a natural way, the responsibility for historical summaries belongs to its representatives.

In recent years, several Pomeranian towns have been enriched with modern, extensive and professional syntheses of their history. Therefore, history of such towns as, among others, Koszalin, Lębork, Miastko, Szczecinek, and Wejherowo have been successfully published. The authorities of Słupsk and its residents, however, have failed to achieve such an ambitious goal, despite its historical importance (at least in the period of the Duchy of Słupsk or the Słupsk Voivodeship).

The last scientific research on the history of Słupsk appeared in 1986, that is 33 years ago. For historiography - especially taking into account the huge progress of work on the history of the Polish People's Republic - it is a very long period. Thus, it creates an obligation to initiate work on a new, modern and extensive account of the town's past. The history of Słupsk County, at least in Polish, cannot be found at all. Perhaps the conference and its possible continuations will create an opportunity for taking up this task.

The declaration of participation and abstract must be sent up to 31 March 2019 to the following e-mail: konferencja.knh.ap.slupsk@gmail.com

The scientific committee composed of: prof. zw. dr hab. Wojciech Skóra (chairman); dr hab. Zenon Romanow, prof. AP; dr hab. Agnieszka Teterycz-Puzio, prof. AP; dr hab. Jarosław Sochacki, prof. AP; dr hab. Paweł Gut, prof. AP will supervise the substantive course of the scientific conference.

The organizing committee composed of: mgr Jacek Adler (chairman); mgr Mariusz Borysiewicz; mgr Patrycja Jędrzejewska; mgr Kamil Bierka; mgr Jolanta Czerwiakowska; mgr Szymon Smentek will supervise organizational matters related to the conference.

More information can be found on the conference website: www.dziejeslupska.info

We are pleased to invite a wide array of researchers from various disciplines who continue their work on the history of Słupsk from the Middle Ages to the modern period, especially in the context of Pomerania, of course, to Słupsk in the springtime.

Organizers: historians, doctoral students and students of history at Pomeranian University in Słupsk.


Jacek Adler
Instytut Historii Akademii pomorskiej w Słupsku, ul. Arciszewskiego 22a